Self-Service Laundries

The College Solbakken

Copenhagen, Denmark

Our criteria was sustainability!

The College Solbakken is situated in Copenhagen’s southwest district and is a multi housing of about 300 people in 140 apartments. Solbakken is called a “Green Housing” with its own environmental policy and action plan for sustainable operation. Therefore, the requirement for the new laundry was quite simple; It should be sustainable and environmentally friendly in all aspects.

Solbakken’s residents are all students who have the surplus to prioritize environmental considerations and sustainability in everyday life. When the laundry had to be modernized, inspector Kenneth Jensen got the given task to obtaining offers for sustainable solutions from three different laundry suppliers.

“In the tender phase, we invited three different laundry suppliers to do a test setup of their heat pump tumblers and washing machines, so that we could measure the products’ consumption data by ourselves. It was important for us to measure, whether the electricity and water consumption promised by the producers – also fit in reality. Only by doing that, we where guaranteed that sustainability was in focus. Only Electrolux Professional were 100% willing to do a test setup and thus stand on target for the consumption and sustainability of their products. We call that credibility – and the results of our tests also showed, that the given, low consumption was completely in line with our own measurements.”, says Kenneth Jensen

“Electrolux Professional had the best environmental offer. And then we knew the company’s good service, credibility and products, as we already had their generation 5000. We knew that they are reliable and of good quality. Our machines run 8-10 times a day, so it is also very important to us, he adds” says Kenneth Jensen

“The laundry is of course CO2 neutral. All the machines are low energy and run on electricity, which is produced by hydropower and the water for the washing machines is collected rainwater, says inspector Kenneth Jensen from Solbakken. That is why it is important that the laundry products use as little water and electricity as possible so they can match the sustainability, that is so important to us.”

“The laundry is an Electrolux Professional The OnE Demand laundry, where the machines are financed by the users on a pay-per-use basis. This means that the residents pay for the operation and maintenance of the machines and the laundry, every time they wash or dry clothes. In this way, Solbakken avoids paying for the purchase of machinery, technical service, spare parts and other unforeseen extra expenses.

It gives us peace of mind that we do not have to think about unforeseen costs or operation of the laundry machines” concludes Kenneth Jensen.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Kenneth Jensen – inspector Solbakken College

We are very satisfied with all the products and service we have got from Electrolux Professional, and they fully fulfil our requirements and expectations. Not least the new heat pump tumble dryers are amazing. They dry quickly, have low energy consumption and a very low noise level, which gives us completely new and relaxing atmosphere in the laundry

List of installed equipment:

Line 6000 Washers
Line 6000 Dryers

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