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D’eux-mêmes Restaurant

Rouen, France


D’eux-mêmes stays at the forefront of its customers’ needs with Electrolux

Skilled enologist, master restaurateur and disciple of renowned Chef Escoffier, David Oper seems to have won his bet: to restore the nobleness of a place whose reputation needed rehabilitation. Electrolux accompanied him in this challenge.
Open seven days a week, with an average of 180 people per day, even 280 on the weekend, David Oper, manager of D’eux-mêmes Restaurant, could not compromise on the kitchen equipment. Especially having the gastronomic belief of “rendering the inaccessible accessible.”
Advised by Eric Hellouin of Sovimef, the Electrolux Professional partner, David Oper agreed to change to electric appliances. “My visit to the Sirha exhibition had also reassured me about this more practical choice that offers all the benefits of gas without the drawbacks. It is a more economical and environmentally friendly formula. The equipment has the added bonus of being compact, ergonomic and practical. It is easy to use” he underlines.

air-o-steam Touchline oven: its intelligence saves half the time
Among the equipment installed, David Oper could not say enough about the air-o-steam Touchline oven: “It multiplies the benefits.  For us working with fresh products, tight prices and high volumes, the air-o-steam Touchline oven is a serious ace up our sleeve in terms of cooking possibilities! It makes me save almost half the time with its well thought out programs that do the work at night. I also noticed a real gain in terms of working comfort, particularly with the heat dispersion. And since it is cooler in the kitchen, the atmosphere is also lightened! Finally, all of the material is easy to clean. This is a good product that I would recommend to my colleagues.”

Electrolux Professional has provided sound advice and a proposal in line with our needs. The new thermaline Modular 850 cooking suite brought a remarkable improvement in terms of working comfort, safety, but also energy saving and environmental concern,” he added.

Upcoming projects
David Oper intends to keep his restaurants at the forefront, especially since he opened, in June 2015, a gourmet bistro adjacent to the restaurant (Les Halles by D’eux-mêmes).
For this, he plans to invest in a new fryer and an extra oven! Let’s bet that this will be Electrolux equipment.

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