myPro – The perfect laundry solution for small businesses

myPRO For Laundry

If you run a small business where clean uniforms, pristine linen, plush towels and hygiene can affect your customer’s satisfaction and your reputation… Then you need a reliable laundry solution designed to match your needs.

We have just the solution for you! Meet myPRO!

Designed by Electrolux Professional with over 100 years of knowledge and expertise in commercial laundry systems, the myPRO line of washers, dryers and steam ironers are an affordable solution that can give you the results you can expect from a professional system.

What is myPRO?

myPRO is a smart and efficient line of laundry solutions designed with the needs of small businesses in mind. The perfect solution for spas, salons, sporting clubs, B&Bs plus care facilities.

The Electrolux Professional myPRO laundry line offers small businesses that are looking for something with more productivity, quality and hygienic results than traditional domestic laundry solutions can offer.

Why choose myPRO from Electrolux Professional?

Increased Efficiency

When choosing laundry equipment, you want to invest in appliances that are energy efficient. In the long-run, machines that save energy can help your business save money. Their lower use of utilities like electricity, water and chemicals can also help protect the environment.

Longer Lifespan

When compared to domestic machines, the myPRO professional-grade machines can last up to three times longer. They are designed with durable materials and constructed to meet the growing demands of small businesses. This means less downtime for repairs and longer periods between replacing your laundry systems.

This commercial level construction allows us to cover myPRO laundry appliances when they are used in commercial applications, a feature you won’t find in conventional domestic laundry systems

Quicker Handling Time

myPRO laundry systems offer a user-friendly experience and simple, load and go operation. That means you can load your laundry and get back to what you do best – running your business.

Our special SpeedCare Drum offers superior care to garments while a wide range of professional programs helps move laundry cycles along quickly. This results in up to 50 per cent quicker wash cycles. Plus, our washers use less water per wash cycle and extract more per spin which, when coupled with moisture sensors, leads to quicker drying times too.

Convenience Features

Electrolux Professional designed the myPRO laundry line with small businesses in mind. They have stainless steel exteriors that are easy to clean. Large doors on washers and dryers allow easy access to ensure the insides stay clean too. Special disinfecting programs allow you to maintain your laundry equipment in fresh and hygienic conditions easily.

For businesses that need to keep linens and uniforms pressed and ready, myPRO steam ironers offer a convenient and flexible option. They can fold away when not in use yet handle a wide variety of fabrics with ease.

Try myPRO for Your Business’ Laundry Needs

No matter what type of business you run, myPRO can help you handle all its laundry tasks. You will achieve professional results in less time and with less effort by relying on the expertise of Electrolux Professional’s century of experience building quality appliances.

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