Espresso Machines: The Perfect Solution for Any Café, Restaurant or Bar

Electrolux Professional’s espresso machines all share one thing in common – to bring your customers coffee that is full of flavour and will leave them wanting to come back for more.

Our range of commercial espresso machines empowers your business to deliver a consistent and high-quality in cup experience to your customers. Electrolux Professional brings you cutting edge technology combined with 100 years of heritage in espresso machine manufacturing that provides a reliable machine to keep everyone satisfied.

Designed to fit your business whether big or small

Businesses come in all sizes, which is why Electrolux Professional has designed an espresso machine to suit your needs. With one group, two group and three groups options, we have machines that are capable of meeting your requirements.

A machine that does the job as well as looking great

When it comes to espresso machines, many hospitality businesses choose to keep them in a prominent position for their customers to see. It lets their customers know they are serious regarding great coffee that provides an ultimate experience. When you choose an Electrolux Professional espresso machine, you can display it proudly, as it makes a statement whilst being a feature of your coffee counter.

All the reliability that you would expect from Electrolux Professional

Being able to serve countless cups of coffee when you are at your busiest point in the day is vital, and, when you choose an Electrolux Professional espresso machine, you have the added reassurance of knowing that it is reliable.

Our espresso machines feature a copper boiler to provide an unlimited steam supply whilst eliminating recovery time. Direct to boiler mounted Maestro group heads provide shot temperature stability and reliable extraction. Stainless steel panels and welded steel framework ensures robustness and longevity. Each model also comes standard with a twin pressure gauge for pump and steam, a full-sized rotary vane pump and built-in cup warmer.  Along with these features our machines are engineered to facilitate accessibility with easy to access components so servicing your coffee machine is effortless – with minimal downtime.

From the moment your new coffee machine is commissioned to the end of its life, Electrolux Professional is there for you. You can benefit from our comprehensive maintenance agreements and know that we are on hand to help you should anything go wrong. With over 55,000 spare parts and a customer care global network of 2200 authorised technical experts, we will get you up and running quickly.

Electrolux Professional: the best for you, the best for your customers

Electrolux Professional offers you perfection in every cup, and no serious Café, Restaurant or Bar should overlook the range. You can take advantage of the great price of our machines and transform your coffee experience.

Give your customers what they want with great tasting coffee from Electrolux Professional.

Shop the range today and find the perfect solution for your café, restaurant or bar.

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