Electrolux Professional: Efficient Dosing System For Laundry

As the leader in innovation, performance, and sustainability, Electrolux Professional continues to move the industry forward with professional products that deliver durability and efficiency. For our customers, this means products that combine dependability, ease-of-use, and profitability.

Why Choose The Efficient Dosing System From Electrolux Professional?

Long-Term Solutions & Sustainability

At Electrolux Professional, we understand that, in any industry, innovation in design based on real-world factors is the long-term solution to meeting our customer’s needs.

Our research also combines the principles of product efficiency with sustainability. We continuously strive to provide products that contribute to science-based standards of well-being, more efficient use of resources, and lower environmental impact. We understand that the pursuit of environmentally sustainable goals is not just ours but also extends to our customers.

The Efficient Dosing System from Electrolux Professional achieves these goals seamlessly resulting in cost control and higher profitability for our customers. Linens are automatically and accurately weighed at the beginning of each cycle. Based on actual load weight, water and chemicals are added according to a precise calculation for the wash program selected.


It has long been known that the overuse of laundry chemicals is detrimental to those in physical contact with them, fabrics, machinery, and the environment. These concerns are completely eliminated by the Efficient Dosing System.

The reduction of water and laundry chemical usage not only reduces waste and eradicates potential exposure issues, but it allows our customers to be fully in control of the process. For detergent alone, this represents a savings of up to forty per cent.

System Analytics & Statistics

Customer control doesn’t stop there. System statistics are easily accessed via a USB connection that allows for accurate usage history and supply tracking. This enables our customers to control costs easily and accurately.

The Efficient Dosing System is designed to eliminate inconsistencies in usage, cost and customer control by eliminating inherent variables. This allows for increased performance, profitability and the assurance of a dependable result.

A modern professional laundry operation concerns itself with customer and staff well-being, efficiency of operation, maintenance of equipment and the cost-effective use of resources as well as the environmental impact of those resources.

These operations make high demands on resources. In terms of energy, staff and time they are often around-the-clock occupations. The need to cut expenditures and standardise services is always present.

Chemical Exposure

The exposure to laundry chemicals by staff and customers as well as maintaining an environmentally sustainable process adds to the challenge.

The Efficient Dosing System represents a simple, effective solution to these ongoing concerns. By providing a more uniform use of laundry chemicals and water usage—as well as statistical tracking—our customers’ operations are simplified, and costs are managed in a state-of-the-art fashion.

The Electrolux Professional Efficient Dosing System for Laundry addresses these issues in a system that keeps our customers firmly in control, resulting in a profitable and streamlined operation.

We Understand Laundry

In an industry charged with high demands and high accountability, this system can become a key element in your overall profitability. Discover what’s possible with the Electrolux Professional Efficient Dosing System today—a great solution for Hospitals and Care Homes, and more.

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