Discover the Benefits of Cooking on Chrome with Electrolux Professional’s Fry Tops

Discover the Benefits of Cooking on Chrome

Electrolux Professional have really raised the bar with the new NitroChrome3 Fry Tops for the 900XP & 700XP modular cooking range. With a unique non-scratch surface and improved non-stick properties, the NitroChrome3 Fry Tops is perfect for heavy-duty use and a must for any busy kitchen!

What Makes the New NitroChrome3 Surface So Special?

In any professional kitchen it’s important to have equipment that enables you to cook quickly and safely without compromising on quality or taste. The new NitroChrome3 surface Fry Tops allow you to do just that. The non-stick properties of the cooking plates are second to none plus the surface is extremely resistant to scratches and corrosion. So, food doesn’t stick, and cleaning is a breeze.

The technologically advanced surface also means reduced energy consumption compared to using a fry top with a mild steel surface. During the pre-heating phase it is possible to achieve energy savings of more than 10%, while in stand-by mode, the savings can easily amount to almost 30%. And with less effort and time required to clean the fry top, it’s obvious the time and labour savings soon add up.

A Choice of Polished or Brushed Top

Offered in a choice of polished or brushed chrome, the fry tops are eminently versatile. No longer do you need a separate grill for fish, meat and vegetables; it’s possible to griddle them simultaneously without any danger of flavour transference. The polished chrome surface prevents the fusing of flavours and the swift and simple cleaning process during cooking means you can satisfy customer demand and quickly vary your menu. The brushed chrome top is highly resistant to scratches and, together with the large drain hole and removable 3-sided splashback makes cleaning easy when service is over.

Of course, at Electrolux Professional, we know that all kitchens are different so, the fry tops also come with a choice of surface – ribbed, smooth or mixed (a combination of ribbed and smooth) and are available with horizontal or sloped plate, so that you can choose the optimum cooking surface for your needs.

Prepare Your Favourite Foods in Unlimited Quantities

The extra-large surface of the 900XP enables chefs to prepare large quantities of different types of foods, such as hamburgers, chicken, fish and vegetables in a flash. This not only means higher productivity but more profit too.

Wherever you place your food, you can expect maximum results. There are no cold zones, just uniform heating across the whole surface while cooking on contact means less heat dispersion. All types of food can be evenly grilled and once it is taken off the surface, the high thermal inertia provided by the thick heavy plate ensures fast temperature recovery so it’s ready to accept the next batch of food.

So, if you need to replace the fry tops in your kitchen, take a look at the Electrolux Professional range and discover the benefits of cooking on chrome.

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