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C30 Multipurpose descaler

► Effectively eliminates encrustations and scale from washing appliances and boilers of any professional equipment
► The regular use of C30 Multipurpose descaler keeps the equipment always efficient, while slowing down the natural wear and tear
► Thanks to its low foaming power, C30 Multipurpose descaler is recommended for cleaning boilers and equipment with an automatic descaling device
► The neutral fragrance makes its use more pleasant

C25 Rinse & Descale Tab

► Effective rinse&descale tab for ovens with integrated washing cycles.
► Dissolve 1 tab in 1 liter of water to descale the tumble dryer’s drum
► For a fast drying with perfectly shining cavity and a descaled boiler.
► Concentrated formula effective with low dosage.
► No risk of premature breakage.
► Intensively tested in Electrolux Professional laboratories
► 50 tabs buckets; 30 gr. each

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