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Commercial Food Service Equipment

It is arguable to say that there has ever been a greater focus on quality and excellence in the food service industry. With little room for error, chefs, kitchen staff and restaurateurs, not to mention hotels, constantly seek new ways to add value and reduce the potential for their standards to slip in the eyes of their guests. Commercial food equipment plays a major part in any establishment’s ability to impress time and time again. As such, it is essential that your kitchen is equipped with the best assets on the market.
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World-Class Commercial Food Equipment Direct to Australia

Fortunately, Australia’s food industry has access to a supplier that can deliver on every front. The Electrolux Professional brand is a global name and a trusted brand that has been making life a lot easier for its clientele for 100 years. Our experience in food service equipment not only affords you the ability to tap into products that are designed and created by the leading innovators in the field, but our green credentials also help keep a lid on utility costs.

The difference in choosing our brand and range of products over any of our competitors is not simply your short cut to a more efficient means of delivering your service, but it guarantees you unrivalled support from installation to end of life. Our mission is to make life easier and more profitable for you. As such, with our comprehensive maintenance agreements and extensive knowledge, earned over decades designing and working with kitchen equipment, you can count on us 24/7.

Professional Foodservice Equipment, Supplies & Forward-Thinking Solutions

While the goal for any business is to gain positive word-of-mouth and earn a reputation that will sustain you into the future, it is also necessary to prepare for changes in the market and take timely action.

With regards to foodservice equipment and supplies, it is important to work with a supplier that has one eye on the future. The needs, tastes and ethical standards of the marketplace regularly change and so anticipating and planning to implement innovative solutions that effectively cater to this new demand is essential.

At Electrolux Professional, we excel in this regard. We are the only supplier worldwide that offers a complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundries. We recognise that the world demands sustainable means of achieving the same standard of excellence that it has become used to.

As such, our desire to maintain our position as the best appliance company in the world directly informs how we develop commercial food service equipment. Our client range is quite vast and we’re proud to work with business owners in the following industries:



Bars and Cafés


Hospitals and care homes

Commercial laundries

Self-services laundries

Experience a Different Level of Food Service Equipment

The team at Electrolux Professional appreciate that many establishments feel frustration at the inability of some of their professional-grade food equipment suppliers to deliver a complete range of products. There are no such issues with our range and with our firm commitment to sustainability to improve water and electricity efficiencies, this makes it possible to reduce costs and boost profitability.

We offer a different level of professionalism and support. Our extensive customer care global network includes over 2,200 authorised technical experts and with more than 55,000 spare parts available, we always have a solution ready to implement quickly.

So, if the time has come to invest in industrial-use food service supplies that will enable you to boost your industry profile and ensure your customer ratings remain high, then get in touch with the team here at Electrolux Professional today and bring a little more innovation and smart thinking to your kitchen and/or laundry.

We are proud to be known as the premier global brand that businesses trust to get the job done. We supply Australia with commercial kitchen equipment, appliances & supplies. Additionally, we specialise in delivering high-quality commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney and commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
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