green&clean Rack Type Dishwashers

Electrolux Professional green&clean Rack Type Dishwashers are smooth and solid reliable solutions with access to real time data helping you to maximize and organize your dishwashing area. Increase your profitability load after load and monitor your work with OnE App.

Electrolux Professional, as the OnE trusted partner for single and full solutions, with its green&clean Single Rinse and Multi Rinse Rack Type dishwashers offers a wide range of appliances to satisfy every need.

Rack type dishwashers come with a selection of dedicated accessories and consumables.

Consistent results load after load

cost savings and sustainability

running costs


washing results



icon easy cutting

Easy use
and maintenance

Safety is
peace of mind

Electrolux Professional designs dishwashing products with perfect sanitation in mind. Cutlery, dishes and glasses are properly clean and sanitize to avoid cross contamination and proliferations of bacteria.

No more worries, sanitation is always under control.


Wash-Safe Control

The rinse quality is guaranteed thanks to the constant rinsing temperature and the water pressure which is independent from the mains.

85° C with Multi Rinse

Best-in-class safety

The new green&clean Multi Rinse Rack Type complies with:

  • North American NSF/ANSI 3: Commercial Warewashing Equipment standard for wares sanitation.
  • German DIN 10510: Food hygiene – Commercial dishwashing with multitank-transport dishwashers – Hygiene requirements, procedure testing standard for hygiene requirements of multitank dishwashers.

Single Rinse Rack Type Dishwasher
(100 racks/hour)

The green&clean Single Rinse Rack Type dishwasher guarantees the lowest running costs in the industry, providing the perfect blend between reliability, sustainability and ease of use. Customize your Single Rinse Rack Type dishwasher adding various options and upgrades whenever you like, even on-site.

+36% increase in profits

Save €3.530 a year with green&clean’s innovative rinse module using less water, less electricity, less detergent and less rinse aid.

icon save water

Save 53% water by using only 1.5 liters/rack.

icon save energy

Reduce by 19% energy consumption.

icon save detergent

Use 53% less detergent and rinse aid.

Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by UL and Intertek. Comparison made between green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 330 liters/hour per rinsing at 10 °C inlet. For a restaurant serving 200 meals/peak hour over 360 days period.

OnE App, your personal digital ally

OnE App, the new Electrolux Professional advanced web platform, monitors your work 24/7 and helps you to create the right configuration for your dishwashing area. OnE App gives you insights to better organize your staff and optimize your work flow avoiding dead times.

Easy to clean,
fast to install

You will need only 10 minutes to take care of your green&clean Single Rinse Rack Type Dishwsher day by day. Moreover, the safe set-up required is fast and  thanks to easy external connections (water, power and chemicals).

Keep washing, no downtime

Non Stop Single Rinse

Thanks to the Non-Stop automatic backup mode, you will be able to keep washing, even if something goes wrong. No more downtime or hand washing whilst your service technician arrives.

Non Stop Single Rinse

Multi Rinse Rack Type Dishwasher
(150 up to 300 racks/hour)

One glass of water, that’s all it takes to clean and sanitize an entire rack of dirty dishes with the green&clean Multi Rinse Rack Type dishwasher.

Wash one rack with just one glass of water

Save €3.240 washing 500 meals/peak hour twice a day.

green&clean Rack Type

Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by IMQ, INTERTEK, ENERGY STAR measurment. Comparison made between green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 300 l/hour for rinsing at 10 °C inlet, for a staff canteen serving 500 meals/peak hour twice a day over 360 days period.

rack type dishwasher savings


Create your ideal rack type. green&clean’s innovative modular system means custom options and upgrades can be added on-site whenever you like.

Good for the environment,
good for your pocket

icon save water

Save 63% water sparing 800 €/year using 0.4 liters/rack

icon save energy

Use 34% less energy and save 1.585 €/year

icon save energy

Increase further savings up to 2.300 €/year on energy cost

icon save detergent

Use 62% less detergent and rinse aid saving 855 €/year

Accessories for Rack Type Dishwashers

Accessories Rack Type Dishwasher
Accessories rack type dishwasher

Glassware baskets

Accessories rack type dishwasher

Cutlery and utensil holders

Accessories rack type dishwasher

Plate baskets

Accessories rack type dishwasher

Tray baskets

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