We selected a laundry solution that we are comfortable with. The old Electrolux Professional machines have served us well. And so, we choose robust industrial machines with very low energy and water consumption.

Bent Sejerup, inspector of DAB Højvangparken
Esbjerg, Denmark

Multi-housing laundry

Electrolux Professional offers a wide range of solutions for multi-housing laundry, including user-friendly washers and dryers.

Safety and reliability in the control system is our priority while providing great flexibility, high efficiency and low costs.

Extremely silent, Electrolux Professional washers and dryers may be connected with the vast majority of payment systems available today worldwide.

Adding value through Excellence.

For you and your tenants.

Best-in-class efficiency
at the lowest utility cost.

  • Exceptional performance
  • Cost savings in water and energy
  • Best-in-class ergonomics and safety
  • Long lifetime

Water and Energy Savings

Our washers have an Automatic Saving System (AS) that determines the load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water.

Reduced noise and vibration

Our Super Balance™ precision system automatically detects and corrects imbalances in the drum during the washing process.

 Safety and reliability

The washer slip-lock door handle simply spins around if someone tries to open it during the washing cycle.

Flexibility and control

Our control system facilitates customization and the programming of your machines for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs.

A wide range of
payment systems

From payment at the machine with card, coin or token to the possibility of connecting the machines to central payment systems.

Payment systems for washers and dryers are available as kits with coin meters only, coin boxes only or complete kits with coin meter and coin box.

On demand, our washers and dryers are ready for connection with the vast majority of payment systems available today globally.

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Text Management Information System
Stay in control

Improving the concept of user-friendly laundries.

Costly downtime can be reduced and preventive maintenance is easier to plan with direct access to machine performance and service statistics.

You gain increased control over both your machines and your time when the system informs directly of machine failure or maintenance requirements.

Student homes

Campus Diemen Zuid

The Netherlands

Campus Diemen Zuid was in need of a modern Apartment-House Laundry facility for it’s inhabitants. As they want to offer students top quality laundry facilities and were looking for a creative way to finance this facility, they chose Electrolux Professional line 5000 machines in combination with the Pay Per Wash finance system.

Apartment buildings



Charlottenborg, an association with 311 apartments, has saved a good sum of money by reducing electric and water consumption. “We have measured an annual saving of SEK 52,000 [almost $8,500] by switching to new energy-efficient equipment for both washing and drying”.

Roland Bengtsson, technician at HSB Skåne

Student homes

Malmö Student House


The investment has been a real success as the facilities combine a natural gathering point for the students where they can meet, enjoy a snack and study while keeping an eye on their laundry.
You need a pre-programmed key card to enter, a so-called tag, which is also used to book laundry room times and the study rooms, all via the Electrolux Professional Laundry Vision system.

Apartment buildings



Universities & colleges

Student homes

Young workers housing

Long stay residences for workers

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