Heat pump tumble dryer: saving money on drying

Have you ever thought about saving money on drying?
Commercial laundries bills can get extremely high especially when multiple washers and tumble dryers are in operation.
How about saving up to 60% on energy bills?
And how about not compromising on quality and capacity?
If this sounds like a dream we are happy to let you know that a heat pump tumble dryer may be your dream come true.
With a heat pump tumble dryer, the hot air moistures your clothes after the wash phase. While conventional tumble dryers need ventilation for releasing the hot air used, the heat pump tumble dryer conserves and reuses it. In this way you can manage to save up to 60% on energy spending.

How about speed?

The idea of savings is enough attractive for any business but if saving money implies reducing speed and slowing down work the tradeoff may not be so attractive anymore. Heat pump tumble dryers if in principle were associated with longer drying cycles nowadays can complete a short cycle in only 51 minutes. The high rate of evaporation in this case can be a game changing move allowing speed and saving all at once.

How about quality?

Compromising on quality is often not an option for commercial laundries. Being able to adjust the drum speed control in your heat pump tumble dryer allow you to dry every type of garment. From delicate silk to heavy cotton, you can ensure that garments move correctly in the drum to ensure the fastest drying possible while respecting every type of garment. You can now dry almost anything.

Tumble dryer Line 6000

Heat pump tumble dryers evolved from the past and are now able to give high quality results in a shorter time than ever imagined. The compromise between quality and speed is often a difficult one but when savings are up to 60% on energy bills and the technology put in place guarantees quality results and speed the choice gets easier.
If you are still facing challenges with your commercial laundry you may be happy to hear that heat pump tumble dryers can be installed almost anywhere. Given their particular characteristics they do not need exhaustion, ducting, ventilation or water cooling systems. No more pipelines or complex systems that make planning and installation challenging.

Are you ready to reach the next level in terms of drying?
Discover the Electrolux Professional heat pump dryers.

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