How to fry? An Easy Way to Make Fried Food Healthier

Frying is a great way of cooking: fast, tasty and appropriate for a large variety of food. Nonetheless obtaining a healthy and good tasting fried meal is not that simple: how to fry healthier, when there are so many issues in reaching this result?
Let’s briefly analyze the reasons why frying can be complicated, and then illustrate the way we have chosen to provide professional chefs and their clients with an easier and more profitable way to get perfectly fried recipes.

Oil, temperature, time: keys to a healthier frying.

The basis of frying is oil, which acts as both a mean of heat transmission and an ingredient of the recipe: this because it gets absorbed by the food during the process, and generates the peculiar breaded cover in which fried food is wrapped.
Unfortunately, oil, when heated, oxidizes and changes its original structure. At higher temperatures this produces two unwanted outcomes:

  • For professionals handling the cooking process: when reaching the smoking point (heat momentum when oil starts producing smoke) it can harm kitchen professionals through inhalation of the vapors, and through possible fire bursts as some of the vapors are inflammable.
  • For clients eating the fried food: at higher temperatures oil reacts with components of food to produce particular chemical compounds. Some of these, such as acrylamide, can be toxic in the long run.
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To reduce or avoid such risks, the main issues to be brought under control are:

  • Choosing good quality oil
  • Controlling the temperature at which oil is kept inside the frying machines
  • Carefully setting the correct cooking time

While the first one is a choice of any professional chef, the other two are largely dependent on the professional cooking appliance in use. That’s where Electrolux Professional’s aim to create an easier and more profitable life kicks in: our professional fryers have been developed with great attention to these particular needs, and grant a better control over:

  • Keeping the quality of the oil in the long run
  • The temperature at which the oil is kept
  • Cooking time setting

Electrolux Professional fryers work by separating food particles and preventing them from burning inside the oil, creating harmful compounds; the advanced filtering system prolongs the life of the oil used.

Standby modes have the low-temperature set available, and the automatic basket lifting system avoids food staying inside the oil more than the strictly necessary time. Moreover, the automatic load compensation function adjusts automatically cooking time to the quantity of food loaded inside the machine.

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