Line 6000 Commercial Washers

Commercial Washers, built for people and the planet.

High productivity front-load washers designed to make laundry operations safe, fast and cost controlled.

Line 6000 Commercial Washers

Energy savings

Reduce your operational expenditure by up to 40% without compromising on productivity with built-in technologies to optimize utilisation.

Ultimate peace of mind

Intuitive operation

Effortless user experience with ClarusVibe control

Long-term savings & productivity

Automatically adjust water and detergents to keep operational expenditure to a minimum

Certified ergonomics

Reduce absenteeism by improving operators' well-being

Intuitive operation

Commercial washers featuring Clarus Vibe technology
ClarusVibe is among the most intuitive interfaces in the world of professional laundry, and has been designed to deliver a smart and effortless way of managing the wash process.

The control panel is fully customizable for specific programs, enabling operators to update their program library at any time directly on screen.

ClarusVibe models can be pre-set with the most relevant programs and regulations in line with your business and your Country. The control panel is also available in up to 34 different languages.

The Compass Pro control panel offers laundry operators a more traditional interface, with an improved user experience. Compass Pro washers come pre-set with a wide range of programs that can also be tailored to operator requirements.

Customize your Clarus Vibe display

Long-term savings & Productivity

Minimize your cost-per-load through the lowest possible water, energy and detergent consumption.

With Intelligent Dosing, you can automatically add the precise amount of detergent and chemicals based on the dry weight of each load*.


Manual dosing is also easier than ever thanks to a front-mounted dispenser which can be tilted downwards to clearly see all six colour-coded compartments.


The Integrated Savings feature measures and shows the load in real time, to avoid overloading and underloading of the machine. This not only reduces the amount of water and energy used when washing partial loads, but it can help to extend the lifetime of your washer*.

*Only available on ClarusVibe models

Integrated savings and intelligent dosing solution

Certified ergonomics

Ergonomic Line 6000 Washers
“Ergonomic interventions can reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) by 59%, with an average decrease of 75% in sick days and a 25% increase in productivity.”

Line 6000 Commercial Washers with ClarusVibe control are the only models across industry to receive the prestigious 4-star rating from ErogCert; the first internationally accredited Body for the Ergonomic Certification, proven to reduce stress and strain on operators.
This means they have been user-tested to ensure your operators can work safely, without tension or strain, to enable them – and your business to thrive.

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