Running a boutique hotel? Visit Host Milan 2019

Running a boutique hotel can be challenging. Choosing the right appliances and supplies for this business (food service, beverage service, furniture) can help reduce running costs but visiting suppliers and gathering information to find the best, most advantageous options is a time-consuming process. You can streamline this process at tradeshows like Host Milan. They are centralized events for the whole hospitality industry, and they give you the chance to see the best available supplies on the market in a single exhibition. Still, all the large tradeshows, including Host require considerable effort: too many suppliers to choose from and too many booths to visit.

Host Milan: the place to go if you’re running a boutique hotel

Running a boutique hotel requires hotel management to visit different suppliers covering different needs: food service, beverage, laundry. Suppliers participating in Host Milan come from all the technological areas related to the hospitality industry, and they all gather in the same place, Fiera Milano. Visitors can draw comparisons and collect information more easily. Visiting Host boutique gives hotel owners and managers a great chance to save time and acquire knowledge.

But small hotel businesses can have an even more effortless time at Host Milan at the Electrolux Professional booth.

3 reasons for boutique hotel owners to visit the Electrolux Professional booth at Host Milan

Electrolux Professional has the widest range of appliances and services on the market for running a boutique hotel. At Host Milan 2019, the Electrolux Professional booth will showcase appliances and services for all the main areas in the hotel business: food service and beverage service.

Why should boutique hotel owners and managers visit the Electrolux Professional booth at Host Milan 2019?

  • The best laundry, food service and beverage technologies all in one booth, including the all-new SkyLine Cook and Chill range, Laundry solutions for all cleaning needs and the new beverage division to boost business profitability.
  • Full cycle service: Electrolux Professional is The OnE trusted supplier that covers all the technological areas for a boutique hotel, but also all the needs in the cycle, from pre-sale to after-sales service, consumables and assistance: The OnE trusted partner to rely on for solving different problems, shortening reaction time and reducing costs.
  • Profitability made easy: Electrolux Professional has the lowest running costs in the laundry industry; the design approach behind all its appliances is geared towards energy-saving and ergonomics, to reduce consumption and learning time for appliance operations.

Boutique hotel owners and managers simply cannot afford to miss a visit to the booth, where they can find new solutions to grow the profitability of their business.

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