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Bistrot en Seine

Rouen, France


Le Bistro en Seine works to the rhythm of electro music with Electrolux Professional

Le Bistrot en Seine opened its doors for the first time on September 2016 in Rouen. The restaurant emerged from the city’s project of renovating its docks along the river, a location that became very popular by the locals. Located in an old hangar, it was necessary to transform the place from floor to ceiling. A challenging task the Director Jean-Pierre Desrues commissioned to Sovimef, the company responsible for supplying and installing the new kitchen. An Electrolux representative followed and participated in the development of the renovation project, the kitchen was fully completed on September 1st. Young chef, Romain Huet, was hired during the summer of 2016, he was required to test the new equipment and evaluate space distribution before the opening. “When I arrived, the kitchen plans were already defined, it was well thought out, and there was no space wasted. The only change I requested concerned the storage distance between the hot and cold stations.”

The atmosphere in the kitchen is incredible! Everyone works to the rhythm of electro music broadcasted throughout the dining area. The Bistro opens every day, for lunch and dinner, and counts 80 seats in addition to a beautiful terrace that overlooks the docks. Romain Huet offers a lunchtime formula that works very well and is different every day. “We favor traditional cuisine, fresh and of French origin.” Just three months after its opening, Le Bistro is fully occupied at noon by office and business personnel. In the evening, guests enjoy having an aperitif to relax after a tough day at work. This is the first time Romain Huet had the opportunity to work with Electrolux. “At the beginning, I had some fears, but now I would have trouble working without it. I even decided to install Electrolux equipment at home in my kitchen!” says the chef with a smile. “It is very efficient because the temperature rises quickly and consumes little energy. It is intuitive, effective and maintenance is very easy and fast.”

“Electrolux is a powerful brand that allows us to cook accurately, efficiently and with much less stress!” states Romain.
Regarding the operation of the ovens, the team was able to see the benefits after only one day of training conducted by the culinary consultant, Joël Reynaud. “He really put us to practice and we were able to discover all the possibilities offered by the different programs. It is really top!” exclaims Romain. Instead, working on the thermaline cooking suite, “for foie gras, for example, cooking is so precise that the recipe can hardly be mistaken!” “On the 4-zone cooking hob, the space can be managed as needed, such as using two zones for cooking and two zones for warming.” Chef Romain is delighted to work at the Bistrot en Seine and is excited to work in a brand new kitchen powered by Electrolux Professional.

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