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Attimi by Heinz Beck

Rome, Italy

Chef Express brings excellence to travelers

Travelers always have the problem of what and where to eat in the airport, often eating low quality, heavy foods that make their traveling experience even more stressful.

From now on, it will not be the same thanks to Attimi by Heinz Beck, recently inaugurated in the food court of the new area at Fiumincino airport (terminal 3, extra Schengen). Developed by Chef Express in collaboration with 3-star Chef Heinz Beck, Attimi proposes personalized menus based on travelers’ needs. Either choose from the à la carte menu or from one of the “time” proposals of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, to taste renown, light dishes and also to live an extraordinary culinary experience: “fast” in the service, thanks to Electrolux Professional technology, “slow” in the quality of the dishes and the expertise of the Chef.

“The company is changing, growing and in need of an ally able to follow it at different stages of development. We found all this in Electrolux Professional, a company that understands and realizes our desires with cutting-edge solutions, able to adapt to any catering format we create. High levels of performance, durability and design are the secret ingredients in our kitchens”, states Cristian Biasoni – Managing Director at Chef Express.

why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Cristian Biasoni – managing director at Chef Express commented:

“The partnership that ties Chef Express to Electrolux has lasted for years. A relationship that has evolved over time, satisfying our needs and our restaurant concepts along the way up to Attimi, where the highly prestigious cuisine is at the center of the scene. With our partners we do not have hit and run relationships: we are looking for partners with which to create a path of shared and lasting growth.”

List of installed equipment:

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