No profit event at the CoE in Singapore

The Center of Excellence in Singapore had the pleasure of hosting our first non-profit event with DOT Singapore.

Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT) is a Singapore-based organization that enables and empowers underprivileged women through confidence building, skills development and employment channeling.

It was a great session and a significant opportunity to give back to the society.

Meanwhile, the Managing Directors of Royal Catering and Kate’s Catering visited the CoE for a demo session on Cook&Chill and bulk cooking with the Pressure Braising pan.

The equipment provided by Electrolux could assist them in increasing productivity and minimize time and stress.

Innovation and technology for the better is what makes Electrolux impressive.

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No profit event at the CoE in Singapore 2017-08-03T13:53:57+02:00 Electrolux Professional