A Taste of Autumn — Stuart Flint

10-12 English specialty


  • 2 slices rye sourdough
  • 2 tbsp. Blue Stilton cheese
  • 2 slices pumpkin (1cm)
  • 10g brown sugar
  • 30g sliced shallots
  • Handful of spinach and watercress

Cooking Cycle


Top temperature: 250°C
Bottom temperature: 220°C
Total time: 1.15 min
Microwave: 30
Before/After: Before
Flex: On
Food temperature: +3°C

Chef’s Tips

  • Slice pumpkin 1cm thick, coat with oil, season and grill on automatic grilled vegetable cycle on Skyline.
  • Cook shallots in a little oil, 10g brown sugar until caramelised.
  • Assemble sandwich on sliced rye sourdough. First a layer of onions, then top with pumpkin, pieces of blue stilton and then spinach and watercress.
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