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myPROzip Washer Extractor payment system drain pump capacity 8kg

Product Features

Superb capacity and performance: – Process all laundry in one go thanks to generous 8 kg capacity
– Best wash results and garment care due to unique professional drum with 4.5 mm holes for efficient evacuation of debris (standard 2.2 mm)
– Time and cost savings in drying with moisture extraction at 1,400 rpm
Fast and easy to use: – Meet every need with 6 professional programs (Normal 20, 40, 60, 95 / Mild 30 / Handwash)
– Save time: normal 60 ºC programs take 82 minutes (starting with cold water at 15 ºC)
– Reduce cycle time by an extra 12 minutes by using the hot water inlet
– Flexible installation thanks to smart drain pump configuration
Triple the lifetime (compared to domestic machines): – Extra long lifetime due to durable construction with professional components
– Less vibration thanks to highly effective shock absorbance system and optimally balanced components and panelling
– No chemical corrosion: stainless steel front and top
– Trouble-free operation due to gravity drain valve model for the most demanding applications (2 Life facility management and elderly care)

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