Traditional Form Finishers



Steam air finisher for jackes, coats and dresses. 1 HP blower. Arranged for external steam supply.


  • Air consumption l/min 0

    Steam consumption, kg/h 15-18

    Steam connection, DN DN 15

    Rec. steam pressure, kPa 500-600

    Condensate, DN DN 15 DN

    Compressed air, DN 0

    Rec. air pressure, kPa

  • Width: 580 mm

    Depth: 1200 mm

    Weight, net kg 77

    Weight, crated kg 110

    Height: 1600 mm

Product Features

Even distribution of steam moistens the fabric to remove creases
Hot air blowing presses and dries the fabric
Front clamp, holds the garment in place
Adjustable steam/air timers for a consistent finish
Adjustable air blowing baffle, suitable for various fabric types
Range of sleevers/clamps, improve the finishing

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