The SpeeDelight Difference: Delicious Food, Fast

SpeeDelight for fast and delicious food on the go!

We live in a fast-paced world, but that doesn’t mean that fast food can’t be the best food. If you’re looking to boost your productivity and menu variety, Electrolux Professional has the perfect solution. We are proud to introduce our newest product in fast food cooking innovation, the SpeeDelight high-speed cooking solution. Learn why SpeeDelight is the one kitchen essentials that you can’t afford to live without!

What Is SpeeDelight?

SpeeDelight is a high-octane food press that grills a perfect panini, sandwich, wraps and so much more every time. Compact and full of high-tech innovation, SpeeDelight is an intelligent appliance with a tiny footprint which is ideal for every busy restaurant and cafe. The name says it all -SpeeDelight is all about speed and delivering a perfect product every time.


Say good-bye to babysitting a stove and missing out on serving customers. With SpeeDelight, fast and fresh food is only one button press away. Simply load your food into the tray, close the lid, press a button, and SpeeDelight will do the rest. You are free to walk away without worrying that your food will burn as the SpeeDelight uses a timer that lifts the lid automatically when the food is ready.

Triple Play

Why is this appliance so fast? SpeeDelight uses three different cooking methods to speed up cooking time – contact plates, infrared radiation, and microwaves. With the combination of these three methods, you can cook three times faster and serve three times as many customers. This boost in productivity will free up your time and increase your profits, especially during rush hour.

The Perfect Squeeze

The problem with other sandwich presses is that the food comes out flat, squashed and soggy. SpeeDelight eliminates this problem by using an intelligent press, which settles gently on top of your product with the perfect amount of pressure. This innovative design feature ensures that food comes out perfectly cooked with grill marks, hot, crispy and delicious every single time.


Just like our other Electrolux Professional products, SpeeDelight is totally customisable. You can preset the icons on each appliance to create ideal cooking times and temperatures for each of your recipes. And with a cooking appliance as quick and intelligent as the SpeeDelight, you can enhance your menu variety and introduce new items to delight your customers.

Easy To Use and Easy To Clean

Everything about the SpeeDelight has been designed to make your life easier as a food service operator – but the quick cooking time and the intelligent press is only the start. SpeeDelight also comes with custom cooking and cleaning tools, including a spatula, brush, scraper, baking paper, silicone protector, and more. Cleaning the SpeeDelight is a breeze, so keeping the appliance in peak condition doesn’t take up a lot of time.

SpeeDelight: Your Cooking Solution

SpeeDelight is the cooking solution you’ve been searching for. Give your café or restaurant a boost in productivity with this award-winning appliance and prove that fast food can be the best food. Cook three times faster with the prefect squeeze and a worry-free guarantee that the SpeeDelight will produce the perfect food each time.

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