Heat Pump Dryer. Designed by experts, Inspired by you

Professional laundries want a solution that saves energy and costs while providing high productivity and best quality.

The revolutionary technology of our Heat Pump Dryer allows customers at on-premise-laundries and apartment house laundries to save up to 60% energy for more cost efficient dry cycles.

Faster. Greener. Easier.
Top laundry performance you can build on

Save money with outstanding performance

  • Up to 60% energy savings compared to standard models without compromising on capacity and quality, thanks to efficient heat pump technology
  • Short cycle times of 51 minutes* due to high rate of evaporation

Save time and prevent downtime

  • Thanks to its flexible and intuitive Compass Pro® interface, the T5190LE is also child’s play to use
  • User-friendly ECL Easy Clean System for lint screen and filters
  • The unique heat pump box can be easily removed for fast and convenient access to vital parts

Save space and gain flexibility

  • No exhaust or ventilation is needed, you can just plug and play in locations of all kinds
  • Most kg dried/m2 thanks to a remarkably small footprint
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to reversible door hanging, silent operation and minimal heating of the room

* Full load

Heat Pump Dryer is part of the Green Spirit range

Decades of continuous commitment in the research of an innovative technology, efficient and sustainable.
Electrolux Professional is proud of its Green Spirit range, a product offer composed of the most efficient and eco-sustainable products in the market today. The range guarantees considerable savings in the consumption of gas, electricity, water and detergent, and assures the reduction of toxic emissions into the environment.

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