Boost your menu with SpeeDelight video recipes

SpeeDelight is much more than a high speed panini press, it’s the professional solution for businesses on the move by Electrolux Professional.

SpeeDelight is a dual-plate high speed grill with the first and only combination of three direct and indirect cooking technologies. This extremely high tech cooking solution will make your kitchen workflow faster, smoother and simpler.

Serve delicious food

SpeeDelight is more than a high speed panini press, it’s a complete high speed cooking system suited for many different styles of cuisine, from the street food to more local delights and desserts, able to deliver premium taste experience.

Whatever your niche is, the SpeeDelight cooking system enhances your business with a variety of recipes, thought and developed to cover different times of the day and different culinary tasty menus, from sandwiches and bakery items to delicious gourmet food.

Use the automatic cooking programs for maximum efficiency or free your creative imagination with the customized ones: from sandwiches and panini heated to the perfect crisp, to gourmet focaccias, bagels, pizzas, lasagnas, simple cakes and desserts. Broad you offer with new recipes every day.

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