Electrolux Professional Group invites you to join us in Orlando, Florida at NAFEM Booth #1248 to explore an extensive portfolio of premium product lines designed to solve the culinary industry’s most difficult food-preparation challenges.

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Learn From The Best

Enjoy live demos and tasty bites by our Culinary Team as they walk you through how to use our products from start to finish.
Kendall Ross
Chef Kendall Ross
Josh Eells
Chef Josh Eells
Steve D
Chef Steve D’Angelo

Full Chef Demo Schedule Coming Soon!

The Conscientious Kitchen

Thoughtfully Designed Products & Services from the Brands You Trust.

Why ‘Conscientious’? Each of our brands has a sole purpose driving the research, design, and lifecycle care of our products: You. Our unique and inspiring solutions empower you to prep, cook, vent, cool, clean, and brew confidently – knowing your equipment will deliver high productivity, at the lowest cost, every time.

To put it simply: We’ve thought of everything, so you can focus on doing what you love.

We can’t wait to welcome you into Booth #1248! 

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(of a person) wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly.

Featured Equipment

Preview all of the Food Prep, Cooking, Cleaning, Ventilation, and Beverage solutions that will be featured during the event. Click the product images to learn more!


K70 Veggie Slicer
TRS Veggie Slicer


VP2 Salad Spinner


Randell 8000D/N Series Prep Tables

Randell Cheeser Prep Station

Randell 9000W Series Prep Table

Randell FX Precise Temp Worktop

Randell Chef Base

Randell Serving Line

Thawing Cabinet

Kelvinator Commercial


Kelvinator Commercial


Kelvinator Commercial


Kelvinator Commercial


Groen TDBC-40 Tilting Kettle

Groen DH-40c2T Kettle

Groen Tilting Braising Pan

Groen SmartSteam Pro 5GS/5ES

SkyLine PremiumS

SkyLine ChillS

MultiSlim Compact Combi

Tilting Pressure Braising Pan


EMPower NitroChrome3

CapKold Agitator Tiliting Kettle

CapKold Band Sealer

CapKold Mobile Pump/Fill Station

CapKold Steam Sous Vide

CapKold Agitator Tiliting Kettle

CapKold Band Sealer

Avtec EcoArch

Ventilation Hood

Avtec EcoAzur

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

VLAI1 Undercounter

Green&Clean Undercounter

Green&Clean Hood Type

Power Soak

Power Prep

UNIC Aura 2


Crathco Simplicity Bubbler®

Crathco Clearly Clean Kit

Crathco IPRO 3E

Crathco Frosty 2

Crathco MP1

Crathco MP2

Crathco Karma Pump



Teamed to serve you. Anytime, anywhere

The heart of customer service

Essentia elevates Customer Care to a new level. A dedicated service that becomes foremost for your competitive advantage.

From the moment of installation to the end of any equipment life time, we stand ready with comprehensive maintenance agreements based on our extensive knowledge, heritage and many years of designing kitchen, laundry and beverage equipment.


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