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Moscow, Russia

Commercial Laundry

Dry cleaning “CHIC AND SHINE” with Electrolux Professional

The «Shik & Blesk» laundry is a modern enterprise with European state-of-the-art equipment for high quality care of textiles and fabrics. Among their corporate customers are hotels, such as Hotel UKRAINA and Radisson Royal Moscow, restaurants, kindergardens and medical institutions, health centers, theaters, sports clubs and fitness centers. The company also provides service to individual customers.

The range of services includes: dry cleaning, aqua-cleaning, laundry and dyeing of leather and suede, minor repairs of home textiles and clothing.

The ” Shik & Blesk ” laundry includes reception centers, production workshops and a center for training and retraining of personnel. They use only environmentally friendly chemicals, the most modern methods of washing of household textiles. A team of professionals is not only able to determine the level of contamination and origin of stains, but also to provide the clients with comprehensive information on the method of purification and forecast the final result. The ” Shik & Blesk ” laundry is a member of the International Association of Dry Cleaners and Laundry (APH).

The company constantly updates its industrial park and is closely monitoring all changes in production processes to keep the quality of washing and cleaning at a high level.

why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Andrey Rakhmanov – Technical specialist “Shik & Blesk” comments:
“With Electrolux I have no need to worry that tomorrow something would break, I can rely on quality of the machines”

List of installed equipment:

  • 15 x washer
  • 13 x dry-cleaning machines
  • finishing equipment
  • water purification system.

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