Kløvningsten Laundry

Sarpsborg, Norway

Care home industry

Kløvningsten brings the community’s elderly home laundries under one roof.

At Kløvningsten, both institutional textiles and private clothes are well taken care of!

Run by the Sarpsborg community, Kløvningsten receives laundry from five elderly homes, four residence homes and approximately 70 elderly living at home.

Kløvningsten is able to process the laundry quickly and effectively thanks to the installation of six barrier washers and six dryers from Electrolux Professional Laundry Systems.

The idea came a few years ago, so they started to plan a new large laundry installation as an alternative to each of the smaller care laundries in the community.

Jan-Erik Einarsen, Service responsible explains why they chose Electrolux Professional:
We wanted to cooperate with a supplier with high level of knowledge who could deliver the solutions and products we needed. Local service and fast delivery of spare parts was also very important. That’s why we chose Electrolux Professional.

On January 14th, 2013, Kløvningsten opened its doors to a new building and new machines. Now, with the same budget, they’re able to wash and finish almost 5000 kg more laundry per year!

Today, Kløvningsten employs 12 people sharing 6,5 positions within the company. The employees take pride in their jobs and do their utmost to supply top service and results. They have total control of which sweater belongs to Mr. Olsen and which trousers belong to Mrs. Hansen. On average, 1430 kg are washed daily (having however the capacity to do much more).

The installation of the barrier washers divides the clean laundry from the soiled side by a plexiglass wall. This solution improves communication between the two sides making it more efficient for the staff.

The Electrolux Laundry solutions installed:

  • 2 x WPB 4700H Pullman machines
  • 2 x WSB 4250H Barrier washers
  • 1 x WSB4500H Barrier washer
  • 1 x WB 4180H Pocket barrier
  • 1 x W4240H Washer
  • 3 x T4550 Dryers
  • 3 x T41200 Dryers (tilting)

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