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Electrolux flying high to Hörnlihütte

The Matterhorn – mystical, majestic, the mountain of mountains. No one can escape its fascination, neither the locals nor the guests. The Hörnlihütte is the base camp for many tourists and is located at the foot of the Matterhorn at 3260 meters above sea level. It’s the starting point for the most frequently attempted climb to the top – 4478 meters.

The restaurant, which boasts a beautiful view of the mountains, has a total of 250 seats and caters to guests from around the world, offering both national and international dishes. During peak activity, from the beginning of July to mid-September, on the busiest days, the restaurant is capable of reaching its limit of 250 meals at noon and 130 meals in the evening.

The decision to go with Electrolux Professional had been pretty clear from the beginning. We already knew the equipment because we’ve worked with Electrolux in the past. We never had any major problems and are very satisfied with the quality. This allowed us to make the choice quickly,” states Lars Rebentisch, chef at Hörnlihütte.

Electrolux Professional successfully faced the challenge of this difficult installation, not because of the kitchen itself but instead for the transport to Hörnlihütte, possible only by helicopter – a spectacular delivery which included:

  • air-o-steam Touchline combi oven 10 x GN1/1
  • ecostore Freezer 670L
  • Refrigerated counter
  • Gas tilting braising pan 80l
  • Gas boiling pan 100l
  • 6 burner gas top
  • Induction top
  • Hood type dishwasher
  • Compact microwave Oven
  • Slicer
  • Bread Slicer
  • Dish transport trolley
  • Full line of professional dishwashers

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