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Danì Maison

Ischia, Italy


Electrolux Professional at the service of starred Chef Nino Di Costanzo

Chef Nino Di Costanzo returned home, to Ischia, with a restaurant, the Danì Maison, which is much more than just a starred cuisine. It is a true sensorial journey through the traditions of Ischia and the Campana region, revised and enhanced by modern techniques and the use of cutting-edge solutions, those endorsed by Electrolux Professional.

It captures the visual space of the guests, placed in the center of the only room in the restaurant, occupying more than half of the room. As pointed out by Nino himself, “I wanted to put a kitchen in a house.” The guests are not just customers, but the real “hosts”, the protagonists of a sensorial and culinary experience to remember.

In the center of Nino Di Costanzo cuisine, carried out with the support of the Electrolux Professional agency Grandi Impianti Snc of Naples, “extraordinary people who believed in this project, and have helped me achieve it”, states Di Costanzo, are the two thermaline M2M – Made to Measure cooking suites.

Two modular cooking suites in stainless steel with a 3mm thick one-piece worktop, characterized by their robustness and functionality at the service of the chef’s imagination.

Tailor-made solutions designed to meet different desires and styles of cooking, “because it is true that it is a big company, but behind great companies there are also great people” able to turn the kitchen of every chef into a reality.

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