Accessories and Consumables

A wide range of our Accessories and Consumables will be fundamental for every detail of your laundry.

laundry detergent accessories and consumables

Detergents for delicate garments

Whether you are washing delicates or daily use textiles, the chemical formula approved by Electrolux laboratories provides excellent cleaning results while keeping brilliant whites and beautiful colors.

trolleys and racks

Trolleys and racks

The right trolleys and racks facilitate the handling of the laundry and help to prevent repetitive strain injuries.
Ergonomic laundry trolleys and racks fit into laundries, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, spas, etc. Its design ensures that the trolley will come close to the equipment so that the laundry does not end up on the floor.

A wide range of accessories allows efficiency and best ergonomics

  • Foldable garment rack that fits into many fields and businesses: laundries, shops, tailors, bridal and party dress shops and more
  • Helical baskets facilitates the loading and unloading of the washer and dryer
  • Handy baskets that facilitates the folding of the sheets to be placed under the sheets tensioner
  • Dryer balls especially designed to lift and separate laundry
  • An all-purpose reusable microfiber cleaning cloth for a deep cleaning and superior polished finish
  • Water soluble bags are ideal for laundry application in healthcare facilities. Utilize our bags to avoid contamination and prevent infections.

Discover how to personalize your laundry equipment

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