University Hospital Dresden

Dresden, Germany

Facility Management

With Electrolux Professional, Dresden‘s University Hospital opts for process security and availability.

The Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital in Dresden offers medical care at the highest level. With 1,410 beds and 201 slots for day clinical treatment of patients, it is the largest hospital in the city and at the same time the only maximum care hospital in East Saxony. Around 520 employees of the University Hospital’s service company UKD-Service GmbH work in industrial cleaning, seven days a week in two shifts.

Instead of shelves and laboratory tables, the hospital’s former infusion pharmacy is now equipped with 5 barrier washing machines from Electrolux Professional, which are operated by up to 5 employees per shift. As soon as the small in-house transporter delivers dirty mops and towels, an employee fills a 50 kg washing machine on the unclean side, while another colleague pushes the washed and prepared mop covers from the washing drum into a roll container on the clean side.

Six washing programs adhere to all essential parameters and work precisely together with the dosing system for detergents and preparation agents. Another bonus: The barrier washers are very user-friendly. Remote monitoring, which Electrolux Professional’s service partner, Wäschereitechnik Engelmann, has set up, contributes to the increased operational safety of the washing machines. Thanks to the CMIS software, to which all machines are connected, our service partner can always check whether all washing machines are running correctly, how busy they are or whether problems could arise somewhere.

The new mop laundry at the University Hospital Dresden has been in operation since the beginning of 2019 – to the full satisfaction of Merten Kionka, authorized signatory at UKD Service GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the hospital. Before the service company opted for independence, the unpredictability of external service providers was problematic. That has changed completely with the in-house – and recently modernized – laundry.

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Merten Kionka – authorized signatory at UKD Service GmbH

“Disinfectant cleaning of wards and operating theaters is essential to a functioning hospital. Our mop laundry works in-house and guarantees that there are always enough hygienically washed and prepared mop covers available for cleaning. The barrier washing machines from Electrolux Professional ensure the necessary hygiene when washing mops and towels. They provide the necessary performance and functionality for every requirement”

List of installed equipment:

Barrier Washers

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