Warewashing Green&Clean Hood Type Dishwasher, Manual with ZERO LIME Device & CLEAR BLUE System (COD 504263)
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green&clean Hood Type

Green&Clean Hood Type Dishwasher, Manual with ZERO LIME Device & CLEAR BLUE System

COD 504263

Dishwasher, hood type, 60 racks/hour, hot water sanitizing with built-in booster heater, field convert corner/straight thru, 304 stainless steel frame, wash tank, booster tank & side panels, drain, detergent & rinse aid pumps, ETL


  • Wash temperature (MIN): 160°F (71°C)

    N° of cycles: 3

    Duration cycle - NSF:* 57/84/150 sec.

    Racks per hour - ETL-S: * 63

    Dishes per hour - ETL-S: * 1134

    Rinse temperature (MIN): 183.2°F (84°C)

    External dimensions, Width: 29 5/8" (752 mm)

    External dimensions, Depth: 29 3/4" (755 mm)

    External dimensions, Height: 61 11/16" (1567 mm)

    Net weight: 280 lbs (127 kg)

    Shipping width: 36 1/4" (920 mm)

    Shipping depth: 30 5/16" (770 mm)

    Shipping height: 68 1/8" (1730 mm)

    Shipping weight: 317 lbs (144 kg)

    Shipping volume: 43.27 ft³ (1.23 m³)

    * According to market standard, the productivity is declared at an inlet water supply temperature of 122°F (50°C) and does not include loading/unloading time.

  • Supply voltage: 208 V/3 ph/60 Hz

    Required Amps (Min; MOP, MCA): 28A; 50A, 40A

    Default Installed Power: 9.9 kW at 50°F (10°C)

    Booster Heating Elements Power: 9 kW at 50°F (10°C)

    Tank heating elements: 3 kW

    Wash pump power: 1.1 hp (0.8 kW)

  • Water supply temperature: 50-122°F (10-50 °C)

    Inlet Water supply pressure: 7 - 102 psi (0.5 - 7 bar)

    Peak Rate of Drain Flow: 0 l/s

    Water consumption per cycle: 0.53 gal (2 L)

    Booster Capacity: 3.17 gal (12 L)

    Tank Capacity: 6.34 gal (24 L)

    Drain line size: 0.8'' (20.5 mm) pumped drain

  • Noise level: <63 dBA

  • Latent heat: 500 W

    Sensible heat: 2000 W

Product Features

Maximum capacity per hour of 80 racks or 1.440 dishes.
CLEAR BLUE advanced filtering system provides cleaner wash water and higher active detergent thus ensuring better washing performances and lower running costs.
ETL-Sanitation approved (ANSI/NSF 3 sanitation standard) and DIN 10512 compliant.
Built-in atmospheric boiler sized to raise incoming water to a minimum of 183 °F (84 °C) for sanitizing rinse. No external booster is required. Constant temperature of 183 °F (84 °C) throughout the rinsing cycle regardless of the network's water pressure.
Green light of "WASH SAFE CONTROL" confirms that items have been rinsed properly.
Unique temperature interlock guarantees required temperatures in both the wash and final rinse.
Incorporated Soft Start feature to offer additional protection to more delicate items.
Slanted wash arms and sloped ceiling to avoid detergent-filled wash water dropping on clean dishes after the rinsing phase, thus guaranteeing ideal washing results.
Cycle may be interrupted at any time by lifting the hood.
Automatic self-cleaning cycle and self-draining vertical wash pump and boiler to avoid bacteria proliferation.
State-of-the-art electronic controls with built-in programming, self-diagnostics for serviceability and automatic interior self-cleaning cycle.
IP25 protection against water jet, solid objects and small animals (larger than 0.2").
Built-in rinse aid and detergent dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs.
Heavy duty Stainless steel construction. Internal cavity as well as exterior panels are in 304 series Stainless steel.
Pressed tank in front position to facilitate cleaning.
Double skin insulated hood.
Specially designed Stainless steel wash/rinse arms and nozzles provide superior cleaning action.
Revolving interchangeable Stainless steel wash/rinse arms above and below the rack, screw out for simple clean up.
Pre-arranged for on-site HACCP implementation and Energy Management device.
Element protection from dry fire and low water.
Unit to include drain pump and rinse aid dispenser pump.

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