A safe home for foreign workers Singapore

Two floating accommodation facilities parked in a restricted area at Tanjong Pagar Terminal are housing healthy foreign workers from mid of April. Each can take a few hundred people, and be organised to achieve safe distancing.

Meals can be prepared off-site and delivered to the cabins to minimise inter-mingling. Electrolux Professional Kitchen and Laundry solutions on site ensure a proper hygiene workflow, maximum food safety, cleanliness and efficiency and overall healthy conditions for the population.

Recently, in Singapore  coronavirus clusters in foreign worker dormitories are a grave concern, and efforts are being made to reduce the density within each dormitory. While building new dormitories will take time, making use of such floating accommodation facilities – typically used by those in offshore and marine industries – was another solution.

Workers can have fresh air, at the open-air deck to exercise an hour a day. There is also a medical facility that can attend to the workers who are ill.

floatel accomodation for coronavirus
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