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Cape Town, South Africa

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Personalized five star laundry services at your door step with lagoon® Advanced Care

Personal Laundry was opened in 1964 and from 2002 is run by Grant Giber, a person who is extremely passionate about his business. Offering dry cleaning and laundry services, Personal Laundry has established a need in the market to service Hotels and Restaurants with quality industrial laundering and now is proud to be one of the biggest laundromats in Africa.

Grant, together with his team, has created a professional, well-balanced, outcome focused laundry, with a personality and the understanding that ‘The Customer is King’. Presently supporting many three to five star hotels from their ideally located premises, Personal Laundry operates a twice per day collection and delivery service, 365 days per year, setting the bar very high.

In order to serve their customers better, the company’s focus is to move towards green & eco-friendly cleaning methods.

Having all types of garments to process, we used to have a challenge with delicate fabrics. Now, with lagoon® Advanced Care, we have a choice of alternative cleaning processes. Delicate garments have a gentler wash process, far gentler to garments, the feel is silky and upon completion, there is no smell as with perc or K4.  We have less risk when dealing with very delicate garments,” states Giber.

Personal Laundry owner Grant Gibor
why Electrolux?

“Why Electrolux Professional?”

Grant Giber comments:
“Globally, there is a trend to move away from Perc and our company is moving towards environmentally eco-friendly cleaning processes where lagoon® Advanced Care is the perfect solution.

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