MK Mountain Resort & Hotel

Belgrade, Serbia


One concept in different kitchens

MK Group brings hospitality to a higher level

MK Mountain Resort is situated at Kopaonik, the most prestigious ski resort in Serbia, 290 km from the capital Belgrade.

This is where we can find the next MK Group/ Tourism pearl under the name of Hotel 88 Rooms. Electrolux Professional Balkans/ Adriatic, together with its partner Elux d.o.o. Belgrade had the privilege to equip the overall structure consisting of Kopaonik installations: Grand hotel &Spa, Family hotel Angella, Apartments Konaci, as well as the Hotel 88 rooms, Belgrade.

MK Mountain Resorts offers more than 260 rooms between Family rooms, Premium and Executive as well as Presidential suites. In the middle of Belgrade centre, you will find the trendy 88 concept based on modern hospitality positioning them as one of the leading companies in the region.

The collaboration between partners worked perfectly, says Mr Nikola Avram, general manager of MK Mountain Resort and hotel 88 rooms, because the hotel offer is in direct correlation with the Electrolux equipment.

The main change resulted in security, reliability and maximum performance of the appliances where the quality and labour friendly use brought higher performance. The work of the F&B office is improving daily and we have noticed that our guests are coming back.

Another big advantage was the unique brand supplier, where they managed to produce one concept in different kitchens, larger number of meals at higher quality – a daily production of 900 meals for hotels guests, 400-500 meals à la carte in the Grand hotel, and another 900 meals in the Family hotel Angella.- points out Djoko Mamula, Executive chef of MK Group resort.  After the fine tuning of the education of my co-workers, today, we can produce a lean process conveying knowledge, precision and quality in the dish, presenting it at its best to guests.

The support from the beginning in pre-sales in choosing the right appliances, the expertise of the partner, as well as the right relationship between price and quality, is what made the difference in choosing Electrolux Professional as supplier.

Presence was extended to the after sales period where the minimum stock of spares is always available on spot for us- says Djoko inviting all the Electrolux people to come and enjoy their premises offer between ski resorts, Spa facilities as well as the great food served.

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