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Eko Laguna Slovenia

Lucija Portoroz, Slovenia

Cleaning shop

Turning a passion into a business with the lagoon® wet cleaning system

Ms. Tatjana Modic, owner of the Eko Laguna shop in Lucija Portoroz, Slovenia, worked in the pharmaceutical environment for many years and felt she needed a change in her life. Chemistry was always her love and sewing was her hobby, so she thought of combining the two by taking care of “spots” on delicate materials with a lagoon® shop.

Still today, spots are a challenge, but by neutralizing the problem she can then rely on the quality performance of the lagoon® solution, where her favorite part is the “finishing” equipment.
Having specialized in specific problem solving, she is now collecting the “difficult problems” from a distance of 100 km from her shop; wool garments, wedding gowns, evening dresses, silk, crystal applications and even silver fibers (no one else has dared to wash these). She feels the fabric, analyzes the spot and makes it disappear.
She has been very happy with the proposed solution and by our partner BE-GRE Maribor Slovenia, since she can still rely on them when a problem occurs. The training and sharing of experience is the thing that made her decide to open a second shop in Koper. This as well with lagoon® which will enhance her vision in making a change.

Eko Laguna Slovenia
why Electrolux?

Why Electrolux Professional?

Tatjana Modic, owner of Eko Laguna Shop commented:

“I am in love with stains and fabrics, these are my challenges and I love problem solving and my clients know it. Our results are coming from many efforts, quality comes before quantity, trust in technology where lagoon® is something different, as a niche in a high-end profile. Technology and the mixture of detergents are the basics for our success”.

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