Trouser Conditioner for creased and uncreased trousers, with side-to-side waistband tension.

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Designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation. Large door opening, easy-to-use interface, very low noise and vibration level are appreciated features.

Tailored to your needs

Extra Spin models are robust and reliable in any type of installation which needs a basic product.


With our high efficiency shirt finishers you will get high quality finished shirts. Our presses with nickel-plated head reduce heat loss and save energy.

Trouble free operation

The special design and technical features will guarantee trouble-free operation and excellent finishing results. Our machines are provided with an anti-stretching device to protect waistband and legs from deformation when finishing elastic fabrics.

Product Features

  • Automatic electronic control with possibility of selecting the different ironing functions

  • Side tensioning of the waistband

  • Individual adjustment for tensioning of waistband, legs and clamps

  • Anti-stretching device on waistband and legs for the ironing of elastic trousers

  • Pivoting clamps to allow tensioning from inside for uncreased trousers and from outside for creased trousers

  • Carriage-height adjustment

  • Adjustment for steam, air and steam heater devices

  • Easy operation via multipurpose pedal


  • Air consumption l/min 40
  • Steam consumption, kg/h 15-20
  • Steam connection, DN DN 15
  • Rec. steam pressure, kPa 500-600
  • Condensate, DN DN 15 DN
  • Compressed air, DN 8
  • Rec. air pressure, kPa
  • Width: 885 mm
  • Depth: 905 mm
  • Weight, net kg 170
  • Weight, crated kg 190
  • Height: 2025 mm


  • CAD Drawings
  • Data Sheet
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