Electrolux Professional Multi-Timer Power Bowl

Chefs Corey Siegel and Kendall Ross


3 cups quinoa, cooked

1ea red cabbage, sliced

1ea cauliflower, chopped

8ea chicken thighs, boneless and skinless

4ea zucchini sliced

14oz cooked chickpeas drained and rinsed

4ea sweet potatoes, peeled and diced

16oz corn kernels

2Tbs oil

Salt to taste


Preheat your SkyLine Combi Oven to 480°F with the vent open on fan speed 7.

Set a multitimer for:

  • Zucchini at 7 minutes
  • Chicken at 10 minutes
  • Sweet Potato at16 minutes
  • Chickpea at 10 minutes
  • Cauliflower at16 Minutes
  • Corn at 7 minutes

Lightly oil the vegetables individually.

Place on Electrolux Professional Accessories for the best results.

Place the zucchini, chicken, and sweet potatoes individually on a nonstick griddle tray.

Place the remaining items each in a nonstick universal pan.

Cook together in the oven using the multitimer.

Build your bowls and enjoy!

**Use the TRK to prepare cabbage, and the combi oven and blast chiller to steam and chill quinoa.

**To serve cold chill everything in the Electrolux Professional Blast Chiller

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