Premium Preparation 1800 mm Cupboard Sink for Dishwasher with 2 Bowls & Right Drainer (COD 132931)
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Sink units - undercounter dishwashers - Standard

Premium Preparation
1800 mm Cupboard Sink for Dishwasher with 2 Bowls & Right Drainer

COD 132931

Cupboard Sink for Dishwasher with storage and 2 bowls 500x500x290 mm and right hand drainer for Undercounter Dishwashers, 1800mm


  • Drainer position: Right to left

  • Cabinet width: 1745 mm

    Cabinet depth: 645 mm

    Cabinet height: 385 mm

    External dimensions, Width: 1800 mm

    External dimensions, Depth: 700 mm

    External dimensions, Height: 1000 mm

    Upstand Dimensions, Height: 100 mm

    Upstand Dimensions, Depth: 13 mm

    Upstand Dimensions, Radius: R=10

    Bowls number 2

    Bowl dimensions 500x500xH300

    Number and type of doors: 2 Sliding

    Worktop thickness: 50 mm

    Net weight: 60 kg

Product Features

Sturdiness, stability and reliability of table accurately tested.
Constructed entirely in stainless steel to offer maximum durability.
50 mm worktop in 304 AISI stainless steel with upturned edges, incorporates an 18 mm layer of sound deadening material.
Reinforced side and base panel in 304 AISI stainless steel.
304 AISI stainless steel feet, 200 mm high and 54 mm in diameter, adjustable by -50/+30 mm.
Bottom part of drain left free to house an undercounter dishwasher.
Wide range of taps are available to suit every need.
Inner welded frame in stainless steel to guarantee superior strength and stability.
Sturdy sound-deadened sliding doors on tracks located flush to the front of the frame.
Easy access to the cupboard interior on all lengths guaranteed by the use of only 2 doors.
Drainage area suitable for drying operations
100 mm upstand with 10 mm radioused corner and 13 mm deep, designed to be used against a wall.

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