ProThermetic Boiling and Braising Pans

ProThermetic Boiling and Braising Pans

Designed for the heavy-duty requirements of hotels, institutions, hospitals, central kitchens and in-flight kitchens

Pressure Cooking with ProThermetic: the ultimate solution for high productivity, efficiency and precision

The one-of-a-kind technology optimizes cooking processes and offers maximum flexibility, incomparable simplicity, hygiene, efficiency and profitability.

The thermaline ProThermetic range of Pressure Cooking Boiling and Braising Pans is especially designed for heavy-duty requirements in terms of quantities, performances and cooking results.

of use

Equiped with a touch screen control panel in multiple languages, clearly visible from a distance, with intuitive icons for easy and precise setting of temperature and power level.

above all

Fast, easy and thorough cleaning thanks to the IPX6 water protection level, 8 times higher against strong jets of water.

high quality food

The low presence of oxygen in the air volume prevents the oxidation of nutrients and vitamins, which results in the best food taste, color and consistency.


The reduction in cooking time ensures higher productivity, while saving energy, both in the heating and cooking cycles.

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