PeelersVegetable Peeler, 10 kg - Abrasive Plate & Cylinder (COD 603339)
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Vegetable Peeler, 10 kg - Abrasive Plate & Cylinder

COD 603339

10 kg Vegetable Peeler. Abrasive Plate and abrasive cylinder

Product Features

    • Transparent lid in damage-resistant plastic material allows visibility during peeling cycle.
    • Removable rotating plate covered in very resistant abrasive material (silicon carbide).
    • Pulse function to control the unloading operation.
    • Timer with countdown display.
    • Suitable for 50-200 meals per service.
    • Complete stainless steel construction.
    • Supplied with.
      • abrasive plate and cylinder
    • Peels are reduced to small pieces to facilitate drainage process.
    • Removable water inlet, clipped to the cover, designed to serve as a spray to clean the machine.
    • Magnetic detectors will stop the machine from operating when the lid and/or door are opened.
    • Transparent BPA free cover incorporates a magnetic safety system which stops the machine if lid is not properly closed.
    • IP55 waterproof touch button control panel.


    • Supply voltage: 220-240 V/1N ph/50/60 Hz

      Electrical power max.: 0.37 kW

      Total Watts: 0.37 kW

    • External dimensions, Width: 440 mm

      External dimensions, Height: 680 mm

      External dimensions, Depth: 690 mm

      Shipping weight: 51 kg

    • Performance (up to): 160 - kg/hour

      Capacity: 10 kg

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