New Line 6000 tumble dryers

Shaping the effortless laundry

Our intensive research and cutting-edge product development result in an ergonomic line of tumble dryers that ensures effortless operation and exceptional savings.

All-round performance

From outstanding textile care to water and energy savings, from smartness to easy-to-use unique features. There is a philosophy behind our new tumble dryers.
Electrolux Line 6000: innovation, quality, reliability, durability and sustainability.

Discover the new Line 6000 tumble dryers

Our innovative solutions,
your key profit drivers

Easier, healthier
and safer

Ergonomic design with a human centered approach for a unique user experience.


Innovative features to save money and time, embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Real time

Monitor the status and performance of your tumble dryers from anywhere.


Outstanding productivity

Wash and dry more laundry in less time: a game-changing move.

It is all about you

By focusing on the physical and cognitive interaction between user and equipment, we make each of these motions more confortable for an all-around effortless experience. The new range is certified to international standards of ergonomics and human-centred design: our tumble dryers have earned the prestigious 4-star rating for ergonomics.

Experience 4 – stars

Compliance with ergonomic principles: designed with you in mind.

Evidence-based anthropometric & biomechanical compliance: reduced risk of injury.

Evidence-based usability:
the culmination of years of professional studies and expertise.

Human-centred design:
to make laundry simple and stress-free.

New Line 6000 tumble dryers.
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Line 6000 tumble dryers
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