Electrolux Professional: a guaranteed culture of safety

Electrolux Professional delivers reliable, impartial, world-class safety, shown by its concrete and measurable commitment to health and safety.

Growing healthy, working peacefully, feeling secure, and being protected. These daily aims of Electrolux Professional go beyond its equipment and processes: the company has a strong cultural commitment to the underlying safety of all projects and activities.
Safety is the responsibility of all employees and departments, a concerted effort that forms part of the company’s everyday business operations and involves all its functions, external partners and stakeholders.
It is a concrete and measurable commitment, which means it makes a real difference in ensuring people work safely, eat safely and live safely all around the world.

Imagine a factory where the ‘principle of safety’ is deeply rooted among all employees

At Electrolux Professional all members of staff are encouraged to look out for each other’s safety and team members dealing with the routine gas and electrical safety checks (100% of appliances are tested) receive continuous training on identifying and immediately reporting hazards. In 2012, the company’s headquarters in Vallenoncello, Italy, obtained BS OHSAS 18001 Certification for the Management of Occupational Health and Safety, recognizing safety practices at all levels within the organization. The goal is now to achieve the ‘zero risk target’ for all plants and manufacturing sites worldwide.

Imagine a company that protects people by guaranteeing food safety and leading the way in international laundry solutions

The decision to discontinue the use of BPA (Bisphenol A) in all plastic components in direct contact with food is just one example of how the development of products in Electrolux Professional’s Food Preparation is fully inspired by achieving sustainable innovation and ensuring that prepared food is safe and healthy. When it comes to Laundry, Electrolux Professional Barrier Washers are equipped with the unique “hygiene watchdog”, which, when combined with effective Laundry Cycle Management, guarantees 100% safe hygienic linen at all times.

Imagine having a full range of solutions at your disposal to express your creativity and run your business freely and safely

Electrolux Professional invests up to €1 million a year in the third-party certification of gas and electrical appliances and guaranteeing product safety. This investment clearly shows its commitment to ensure reliable, impartial and world-class safety. Electrolux Professional also leads the way in the establishment of Safety and Performance standards at national and international levels, actively contributing to improving safety and energy saving requirements for products on the market.

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