Hospitals and clinics have very strict hygiene regulations covering the handling and cleaning of linen, laundry, towels and staff clothing.

Professional laundry solutions that meet even the most strict requirements of sanitary insulation.

Global leader in barrier laundry solutions with more than 500 installations every year.

Intelligent features, such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System for maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes.

Improved efficiency and productivity thanks to more wash loads per day.

Service Excellence: The world’s most extensive network for installation, spare parts and maintenance.

Electrolux Professional takes food safety very seriously throughout the preparation process, cooking and storage process as well.

Electrolux monitors food safety with HACCP protocols embedded into the functions of every Combi Oven and Blast Chiller model.

Features such as BPA-free plastic components and dishwasher-safe parts means everything can be sanitized after use.

Furthermore, features such as high-temperature dishwashing guaranteeing sanitization at every rinse is crucial in maintaining safe measures throughout every kitchen process.

“We see the difference. Our patients feel it.  No other provider understands the specific health processes of our industry better and offer such excellent solutions.”

Daniel Bertrand
Laundry Operator

Bourges, France

The Peking Union Medical College Hospital

With the rapid pace of social and urban development in the entire country PUMCH has been looking to remain at the cutting edge of technology in catering to its laundry needs.

We can help you find the best solution for your hospital:

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