EMPower 4 Open Gas Burner Top with Safety Thermocouple (COD 169131)
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Open Gas Burner Tops with Safety Thermocouples

4 Open Gas Burner Top with Safety Thermocouple

COD 169131

EMPower Restaurant Range burners, gas, 24" wide, (4) 32,500 BTU (130,000 BTU total) open burners with (4" adjustable, removable legs)


  • Gas Power: 130000 Btu/hr (38 kW)

    Standard gas delivery: Natural Gas

    Gas Type Option: Propane

    Gas Inlet: 1/2"

  • Front Burners Power: 9.5 - 9.5 kW (32385 - 32385 Btu/hr)

    Front Plates Power: 9.5 - 9.5 kW (32385 - 32385 Btu/hr)

    Net weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)

    Shipping width: 35 7/16" (900 mm)

    Shipping depth: 26 " (660 mm)

    Shipping height: 25 9/16" (650 mm)

    Shipping weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)

    Shipping volume: 13.63 ft³ (0.39 m³)

    *The rear and side clearances shown on the diagram indicate the minimum distances reccomeneded from the appliance to combustible surfaces.

Product Features

Configured for Natural Gas, LP Conversion Kit Included.
In compliance with ETL Certification (UL & NSF).
Six individually controlled high efficiency 32,500 BTU (9.5 kW) Flower Flame gas burners.
Control knobs provide smooth, continuous rotation.
No gaskets and removable one-piece venturis and burners for easy cleaning.
The geometrics of the venturis and cast iron burners provides the maximum level of heating efficiency.
The cast iron burners are anti-clogging.
The 12"x12" (305mm x 305mm) cast iron pan supports allow for small pots and pans to be placed over the flame thanks to the spcial configuration.
The cast iron pan supports allow to slide pots and pans from section to section as well as to protect the pilot from spilled food and debris.
Full width crumb tray below the burners captures all overflow and debris and can be easily extracted for dumping and cleaning.
All major components can be accessed from the top and front of the appliance for ease of maintenance.
Front and side panels in Stainless Steel with Scotch Brite finish.
Special heavy duty chrome plated knobs for durability and easy cleaning.
The configuration of bezels and knobs provides high level of protection against water infiltrations.
Right-angled side edges to allow flush fitting joints between units, eliminating gaps and possible dirt traps.
Provided with kit for side-by-side connection between units for minimizing gaps and possible dirt traps.
Supplied with 4" (102mm) height adjustable, removable legs.
Unit may be installed on refrigerated base by removing the legs and inserting the special pins (optional accessory).
Unit may be installed on open cupboard by removing the legs and inserting the screws provided as standard with the open cupboards.
Included Accessories: propane converter kit, pressure regulator and main shut off valve.
4 screws to install on the cupboard base are supplied with the unit.
Gas pressure regulator is supplied with the unit.
Worktop in 304 AISI stainless steel.

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