Newsletter – August 2018

Retail/Grocery Market Segment Continues to Thrive

North Carolina-based grocery store chain Earth Fare which specializes in fresh, organic food recently opened a new location in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The 24,000 sq. ft. store carries organic and local produce, more than 175 natural and organic bulk foods, meat from animals that are humanely raised and never given antibiotics, sustainable and traceable seafood, and home-style, freshly prepared foods to take out or eat in the store café.

The store also includes Earth Fare’s Heirloom Organic Café and Juice Bar, featuring 100 percent certified organic juices and smoothies, plus coffee and custom blends.

Founded in 1975 in Asheville, North Carolina, Earth Fare is one of the largest natural and organic food retailers in the country, with more than 40 locations across 10 states in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Earth Fare maintains a “boot list” of ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial/trans fats, and artificial colors and flavors that are banned from its stores.

Electrolux Professional has worked with Earth Fare since 2014 as an equipment package solution provider for its fresh, in-store foods. Deli and bakery department equipment installations include air-o-convect and air-o-steam Touchline combi ovens, TRK combination vegetable cutter/food processors and hood type dishwashers.

Farm-to-Table Prepared Meal Company Delivers

MightyMeals is a healthy, chef-prepared meal food service company located in the Washington, DC metro area offering home meal delivery.

Using locally sourced ingredients from Virginia farms, MightyMeals conveniently brings the farm to their customers’ tables. They offer a wide selection of meals that changes weekly. Free home delivery or pickup is available at more than 30 D.C. metro area locations.

MightyMeals chose Electrolux to outfit their kitchen with a powerful new cook & chill equipment package. A 20-pan, full-size air-o-chill blast chiller/shock freezer and a 20-pan, full-size air-o-steam Touchline combi oven were brought in to handle the large workload and increase overall production.

Manufacturer sales representative group ASM manages the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland territory and worked with MightyMeals on the new kitchen equipment installation.

Fredco Reps Bring Demos to the Customer with ‘The MTK’

Fredco Reps are the Electrolux Professional equipment sales reps covering southern California and Nevada. They are armed with a killer sales tool: the demo kitchen on wheels. The MTK (mobile test kitchen) has been on the road since 2016 and has been a huge success.

With the creation of the MTK, Fredco Reps have been able to focus on more market segments than before (chains, dealers, schools, theme parks and event centers, markets, end-users, etc.) because they are able to bring the test kitchen to the customer. Electrolux Professional food service equipment is presented live for culinary demos along with the newly acquired GMCW beverage equipment line.

Equipment featured includes:

Electrolux Professional
• air-o-convect Touchline combi oven
• SpeeDelight
• EMPower Restaurant Series modular range
• TRK combination vegetable cutter/food processor

• Unic Pony 2 Espresso
• Unic Tango Ace Espresso
• Simplicity Bubblers
• Granitas

“We believe in the value of hands-on experience and its power to spread knowledge and good ideas. This belief has driven our company to step outside the box of the typical test kitchen, taking the kitchen to the streets and to the front doors of all our customers via a mobile test kitchen, that we like to call ‘The MTK,'” Brandi Rubinstein with Fredco Reps said. “Equipped with an extra-large generator and lift gate, we’re able to run SpeeDelight and combi ovens, while pulling shots of espresso and serving up granita beverages, without missing a beat. With ample standing room inside and giant flip up windows, crowds outside and in being able to enjoy the show put on by our culinary specialist, Dan Chlebowski.”

If you are in the southern California or Nevada area and are interested in checking out Fredco Reps’ mobile test kitchen, email them here or visit their website at for more information.

Buffalo, NY Restaurant is Long Time Supporter of Electrolux

Chef’s Restaurant in Buffalo, New York, has been a destination for hearty Italian comfort food and desserts. The restaurant has welcomed families and friends since 1923.

Owner Lou Billittier’s menu offers items ranging from Chef’s famous spaghetti parmesan to lighter items such as pasta broccoli. Chef’s has been delighting the palates of countless lunch and dinner patrons over the years and has built additional rooms and seating to accommodate. Today, the dining capacity is 325.

Chef’s has been a long-time supporter of Electrolux. The restaurant worked with J. Wilson Marketing, our sales rep group covering upstate New York and western Pennsylvania, on a new installation of two 62 and two 102 air-o-convect combi ovens.

The combi ovens were stacked to maximize space and cooking efficiency in the kitchen. The restaurant typically does 600 to 1,200 covers per day and recently replaced their original Electrolux roll-in models with new air-o-convect Touchline combi ovens. The property also uses the 202 air-o-chill blast chiller/shock freezer (20-pan, full size).

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