Excellence and outstanding technology make all the difference

When perfect flatwork ironing is a must, you can rely on the wide range of Electrolux Professional products to meet your needs.

At Electrolux Professional, safety and ergonomics are paramount to make flatwork ironing accessible to everyone.

With Electrolux Professional ironers you will benefit from:

Increased productivity and optimum hygiene

Low Maintenance Costs: Nomex® ironing belts designed for extended use at high temperatures

Excellent Quality: Special care options for plain and smooth linen

Time-efficient, cost-efficient process, from feeding in wet items to receiving neat piles of folded, ironed sheets – the ultimate in ironing

Safe and Secure: Special devices for security and protection

Even more profitability thanks to our many ‘Excellence inside’ features (such as Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System, Certus ManagementTM Information System, feeding and folding equipment)

Watch: Electrolux C-Flex Ironer

Discover how an ironer can benefit your business:

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