For complete hygiene
without compromise

Hospitals, clinics and Nursing Homes have very strict hygiene regulations
covering the handling and cleaning of linen, laundry, towels, garments and staff uniforms.

With Electrolux Professional you will get :

  • Professional laundry solutions that meet the most stringent requirements of linen hygiene in healthcare and aged care
  • Global leader in barrier laundry solutions with more than 500 installations every year
  • Intelligent features, such as the unique Certus Management™ Information System for maximum control and traceability in all laundry processes
  • Improved efficiency and productivity thanks to more wash loads per day
  • Service Excellence: the world’s most extensive network for installation, spare parts and maintenance

Line 6000 Barrier Washers

The new Line 6000 Barrier Washers prevent cross contamination of clean by dirty linen providing unparalleled productivity and outstanding performances. The barrier concept is paramount to guarantee the maximum hygiene at every stage of the laundry process in order to grant protection for your patients, residents and staff.

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Customer voice


The Peking Union Medical College Hospital

With the rapid pace of social and urban development in the entire country PUMCH has been looking to remain at the cutting edge of technology in catering to its laundry needs

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Laundry Cycle Management
How to prevent linen contamination across the healthcare sector in eight simple steps

An efficient care solution for you. A comfortable lifestyle for patients and guests.
Provide your residents with best-in-class comfort, safety and the highest hygiene levels while maintaining full cost control. Bedlinen, towels, serviettes and clothing require special cleaning solutions that eradicate the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

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Discover all the steps to have a perfect dirt and hygiene management, through our LCM.
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