COD W4300H

Suspended frame, 300l, G-factor 300, front loaded washer extractor with programmable Clarus microprocessor


  • Max. capacity, filling factor 1:9, kg/lb 33/70

    Drum volume: 300 lt

    Drum diameter: 795 mm

    Extraction, rpm 820 RPM

    G-factor 300

  • Width: 1020 mm

    Depth: 1060 mm

    Weight, net kg 509

    Height: 1445 mm

Product Features

Clarus Control®
• Fully programmable microprocessor

• All relevant wash parameters can be programmed

• Programming from key pad or downloading via memory card
High extraction force for efficient dewatering
Extremely low water and energy consumption
Four compartment detergent box for manual dosing of powder or liquid detergent
Stainless steel front panel and grey side panels
Large door opening for easy loading/unloading
Low noise level for pleasant working environment
SuperBalance guarantees the correct extraction force

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