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green&clean Rack Type Dishwasher

The backbone of your business

Wash one rack with just one glass of water

Save €3.240* washing 500 meals/peak hour twice a day

One glass of water, that’s all it takes to clean and sanitize an entire rack of dirty dishes with the new green & clean rack type dishwasher.

*Cost savings are calculated by Electrolux Professional Lab which is accredited by IMQ, INTERTEK, ENERGY STAR measurment. Comparison made between green&clean rack type dishwasher and an equivalent conventional machine using 300 l/hour for rinsing at 10 °C inlet, for a staff canteen serving 500 meals/peak hour twice a day over 360 days period.

Lowest running
costs in the industry

Save €3.240 a year. Using just one of glass of water per rack, green&clean’s innovative rinse module uses less water, less electricity, less detergent and less rinse aid

washing results

Perfectly clean plates at every use thanks to the advanced CLEAR BLUE filtering system that keeps water cleaner for longer


Perfectly hygienic results with WASH•SAFE CONTROL guaranteeing constant 85 °C rinse temperature

Use and

green&clean’s touchscreen interface talks your language. Different users. Different information. Easy to understand technical info and guided troubleshooting for fast fixes


Create your ideal rack type. green&clean’s innovative modular system means custom options and upgrades can be added on-site whenever you like.

Good for the environment, good for your pocket

Use 63%
less water

Using just 0.4 liters of water per rack with guaranteed washing performance you save 800 €/year

Use 34%
less energy

Save 1585 €/year on energy and say goodbye to manual descaling with automatic ZERO LIME descaling device

Extra savings
50% less energy

Increase further savings up to 2.300 €/year on energy cost with NATURALLY VENTLESS heat pump solution

Use 62% less
detergent and rinse aid

Better for the environment. Better for your pocket. Saving you 855 €/year on detergent and rinse aid

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The voice of our customers

Almhof Hotel Manager Mr. Alois Kröll

Almhof Hotel

Nauders, Austria

600 racks/day

The main target was not only brilliant results, but also the environment in the kitchen especially for the sta when standing in front of the machine. To invest in another Electrolux machine needed no discussion; the service in our area is excellent. Since we installed the new machine, there hasn’t been a single down day.

Alois Kröll, Hotel Manager

sodexo testimonial


Staff Canteen
Pordenone, Italy

3000 dishes/day

The machine is peace of mind because it is just plug and play. It is more silent and there is no steam thus making the working environment more comfortable especially in the summer months. In addition the control panel is very easy to understand.

Maria Cristina Lot, Operator

Bergums Skola

Bergums skola

Olufslund, Västra Götaland
, Sweden

500 racks/day

With our previous rack type we had problems with the ventilation. We heard about
a new VENTLESS SOLUTION from Electrolux. Our working environment has improved significantly, with much less humidity thanks to the new green&clean rack type. Moreover, we are happy with the result: much better rinsing and the plastic plates are finally dry.

Camilla Berglund, Head Chef



Leicester, United Kingdom

1000 racks/day

On a typical match day we do about 1800 covers. Our main challenge is making sure all our customers are fed pre-match. The green&clean rack type machine during service has been fantastic and has saved us a lot of time with not having to polish at the other end of the cycle. It leaves us time to concentrate on more important things. For us, it’s just plug&play.

Matt Whiteman, Sous Chef


Polyclinique de Blois

Private Polyclinic
Blois, France

360 racks/day

We save roughly 25% more with the new green&clean rack type dishwasher.
We have high quality cleaning, washing, rinsing and drying. We notice that the staff are more relaxed and less stressed thanks to the lower temperature in the washing area; which means that staff are less tired on weekends.

Carine Raffin-Peyloz, Director Assistant

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