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The Wascator FOM 71 is the reference machine for washing performance tests in the appliance industry and for textile-testing. It provides flexibility, traceability and repeatability thanks to a precise speed control, highest accuracy of bath temperature and excellent water-filling accuracy.


  • Max. capacity, filling factor 1:9, kg/lb 7/15

    Drum volume: 61 lt

    Drum diameter: 520 mm

    Extraction, rpm 1100 RPM

    G-factor 350

  • Width: 720 mm

    Depth: 690 mm

    Weight, net kg 160

    Height: 1315 mm

Product Features

Meets IEC and ISO international standards
Suitable for testing washing effects of detergents and chemicals and for textile quality control
Suspended drum construction allows a high extraction force. No foundation required
Dual water control of volume (weight) and level
Built in scale for precise volume control, accuracy: - volume control +/- 0.2 litre/bath - level control +/- 0.8 litre/bath
Equipped with Clarus Control® - a fully programmable electronic timer
Frequency controlled motor system for flexibility in programming and precise speed
Test tap for water samples
Stainless steel drum assembly, front, side and top panel

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